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How to join?

Here are the steps to join us.

First of all, come to this link to register with us. Make sure you provide complete information.

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Although some sections are not marked to be necessary information, such as your website,┬ábut you are expected to provide this part of information if you’re applying for dropshipping membership, and please make sure that the URL is given within the “company name” column.

If you don’t provide, you can still be our normal members. You can hear the latest information from us in the future. We welcome you to join us any time.

Your information will be viewed and verify in 1-2 days. We will tell you result once we read your information. Once you pass our verification, you will be allowed to access the price for dropshipper to make order for your customer.

Second, you are necessary to use your credit card to create a account and verify it in paypal. You may doubt what is paypal. It is a third party payment gateway with economic service charge for every consumer and merchant. It accepts major types of credit card in the world, such as VISA and Master. As this is only payment gateway using in our dropshipping plaza, please acquire a paypal account before you start. After you got your verified paypal account, it will make transactions between you and us getting convenient and faster. For further information regard with paypal, please visit

Are you qualified? No need to hesitate!!

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