Stherb Cosmetics International Co.,Ltd

Policy and Restrictions


  1. You can copy and paste all or any pictures from our picture template page into your own website. There are descriptions of our products as well for you to copy and paste.
  2. Redesign or upload them into your own website and start selling online by creating your own shopping cart with any or all of our products, and when the customers visits your website, they will pay directly to you based on our retail price or higher.
  3. Upon receiving the money, you will log on to your account on our website and order the same product(s) at a discounted rate than what your customers paid you and purchase online directly from us and supply your customer information when you are filling through our payment gateway.
  4. After the payment is received, we will ship the products directly to your customer by courier shipment to your customers and this is how you will earn the profit from the sales differences.


  1. The retail price that you published online or on your web site MUST be the same or higher than the retail price we have listed in our web site. Please also note that the prices we have given is the absolute minimum, please do not make even 0.01USD lesser and that will instantly lead to a violation.
  2. Login into your account at least one time every three months. This is in order to keep your account live.
  3. You have to provide us with your website address or your name of ebay account. So we can refer and check on them if you are sell online.
  4. For China, Malaysia we have already built regional office for your service. If you come from those areas, please contact them for best service.
  5. For those who from China, Malaysia and Brunei will NOT considerate to be our drop shipper, please see restriction #4.
  6. We won’t handle any order to deliver to China, Malaysia and Brunei, orders made will refund to dropshipper. For those who wish to make any order, please kindly contact the regional office.
  7. Maximum quantity of every shipment is 12 items in dropshipping program. This means we will only ship the order lower than 12 items.
  8. You are allowed to purchase for your own use in dropshipper price ONLY 1 time and no more than 1 unit for each item. All these are considered as samples. Please indicate the valid purpose of use at the comment column next time you order to yourself, otherwise the order will not be sent and will refund to you within 2 days automoatically.
  9. restriction#8, as if dropshipper desired to have the item for their own use, please make regular order at St.herb Shopping Online Mall, since dropshippers are not allowed to purchase in wholesales price for their own use which is prohibited, whereif violation found will eventually lead to account termination without any caution.

Drop Shipping Flow Chart

Anything publish online must be same or higher than our listed retail price, because to protect ourselves and other dropshippers the price must be the same or higher. Violation to the restrictions listed will lead to disabled account and termination of your new order. No refund will be returned.